About me


Permanent makeup artist
Anya Bond

I am a semi-permanent makeup artist. I inspire to make women feel confident and beautiful. With years of experience, I am highly skilled in microblading, microshading, eyeliner, and lip color.

I initially entered the field of cosmetology through write your training and schooling where many satisfied clients have encouraged me to become a permanent makeup artist. Whether someone wants their look to be a flattering style of a night-out or a simple everyday wear, I can design that perfectly in which it can balance all features of the face. I take pride in providing the perfect makeup look that appears effortlessly natural.  

My passion did not stop in performing makeup on others, but it also lead me to have a passion in educating individuals who are also as equally passionate as I am for the field. I went on and accepted a position offer for makeup procedures.

I chose my career in makeup and will always continue this passion because I take pride in empowering women and their outer appearances. Seeing others feeling fulfilled and beautiful keeps me moving forward in what I love to do.